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Moy Yat with Moy Tung formal photo

Moy Yat with Moy Tung formal photo

RVAmag.com, which covers all kinds of things of interest to people living in or visiting Richmond, Virginia, published an article recently on the Richmond Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy’s recent 30 year anniversary seminar and celebration: A Rare International Gathering Of Kung Fu Experts Came To Richmond

A reporter and a photographer were permitted to attend the event; they got some exclusive photos, and talked to a number of the kung fu masters present. Grandmaster Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge, founder of the Richmond Academy, is quoted as saying:

“[I] wanted to share with the world what I had to share and because I just wanted to train,” and “The bottom line is that I’ve taught the same way as my teacher, using his same philosophy.” Not everyone comes into it aware of the history, but they learn. He said, “We get a lot of people that just want to do wing chun, a few months go by, once they get the taste of it, they begin to really love it.”

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