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In Moy Tung Ving Tsun Kung Fu, we have mutual respect for our classmates and instructors, and we share a common bond as we learn, train and work together to better ourselves and help those around us. We have no need for formalities such as bowing; true respect is shown in one’s dedication to training and the results one gets, in showing decency and kindness to others, and in taking care of those important to us. Classes are quiet, with no loud talking, and certainly no yelling. In class, in a fight or in life in general, it’s better to save one’s breath and energy.

Grandmaster Moy Tung corrects Luk Sao hand positions, one of many Ving Tsun Kung Fu drills

Grandmaster Moy Tung corrects Luk Sao hand positions, one of many Ving Tsun Kung Fu drills

Students are allowed to train and progress through the system at their own pace. Programs for rapid advancement are available, but taking more time to develop a strong foundation is a good way to practice kung fu. Whether you want to train kung fu as a hobby or career, there is room at the Richmond Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy.

We have no need for belt-ranking systems. We have older and younger kung fu ‘brothers and sisters’ (sihings and sidai; classmates who started training before or after us), and people above or below us in the lineage of masters (such as your sifu, i.e. teacher, the father of your kung fu, so to speak), so there is organization, as well as understanding of one’s place in the kung fu family.

This system of organization brings clarity, discipline and structure to Ving Tsun’s unique system of two-person exercises. In each exercise there are distinct roles played by the sihing and sidai that maximize the productivity of training. As everyone is a sihing or sidai to someone else, everyone gets to practice both roles on a regular basis, working on the exercises from both perspectives.

One can also get a measure of one’s kung fu level by the form or two-person exercise being worked on in the system, and by the number of years training, but the true test of one’s kung fu is what we bring to our own personal development, the goals we set and beat, and how we deal with life’s challenges, including human opponents in physical confrontations. How much kung fu you have will determine the outcome.

We do not encourage participation in tournaments, though students may do so if they wish. We train to win real fights, which do not have set times and conditions, or any rules at all. Students learn to end confrontations quickly, by injuring, disabling or knocking out attackers, even using deadly force if necessary. With Ving Tsun training, you may not need to use force to make peace, but you can if you need to. There is a relaxed confidence that comes from knowing you can take care of yourself.

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