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Wherever you are in life, young or old, fit or not, Ving Tsun Kung Fu training in the Moy Tung lineage will improve your health and fitness, mentally and physically. Ving Tsun training develops powerful relaxation, the best for promoting good health and countering the effects of stress on the mind and body. This training also allows you to discover, challenge and exceed your personal limitations, reaching your true peak performance levels, your full human potential. You can go beyond what you thought was possible.

Moy Tung Kung Fu training includes the 108 Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) form. Senior Master Instructor Charles Moseley practices Chung Choi (center punch) on the Jong.

Moy Tung Kung Fu training includes the 108 Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) form. Senior Master Instructor Charles Moseley practices Chung Choi (center punch) on the Jong.

Training improves performance in the basic domains of physical fitness known to Western science: strength, endurance, power, speed, balance and coordination. Ving Tsun also trains the muscular and nervous systems to do simple and complex tasks using methods and details known only to the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system, an Eastern martial science.

Physically, Ving Tsun workouts can be intense and stimulating to the cardiovascular system, getting the heart and lungs pumping. Training can also be low-intensity, developing power through relaxed, deep breathing while relaxing or strengthening key muscles in specific ways, and making the whole body relaxed and strong, inside and out, muscle, bones and organs. Ving Tsun Kung Fu trains us to be strong in our weakest and most vulnerable positions, and this process makes those parts and the whole body stronger, with all parts working together efficiently.

Mentally, Ving Tsun training improves awareness, alertness, reasoning, concentration, problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to withstand mental or emotional stress. In dangerous situations you will be more able to remain calm and focused on what you need to do to create outcomes in your favor. You can increase your creative skills, and the discipline to achieve goals. You may see and think about yourself and your life differently, growing in clarity, wisdom, character and confidence, which you can use to overcome challenges and forge new directions that previously might have seemed impossible.

To develop the most powerful fighting techniques and skill, one must train hard, but in a relaxed manner, mentally and physically. The body is healthier and stronger when relaxed, and more capable of being used efficiently and powerfully, including for self-defense. Using relaxation and the proper form in muscle conditioning develops a powerful energy that can be channeled into blows devastating even to larger, stronger aggressors.

When the mind is relaxed it is able to focus deeply in the present moment, whether in the chaos of a fight or in the stress of life in this modern world. By training this way one develops the ability to relax under any pressure, including violent confrontations, and make the best possible outcome for the health and safety of one’s self and loved-ones.

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