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This video is made from excerpts of a lecture by Grandmaster Moy Tung on the nature of Chi Sao training and Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu fighting, including the main technique. Ving Tsun is devastatingly efficient and effective for self-defense – watch this video and you’ll understand how and why. The video was shot at the Brooklyn Moy Tung Kung Fu school, during Grandmaster Moy Tung’s recent visit to New York for Grandmaster Moy Yat’s birthday.

… Ving Tsun’s number one technique is different. We do a lot of Chi Sao for a reason – because we study the nature of sensitivity, We study the nature of the relationship of the distance [to your opponent]. We do very close-range training, because we know that in a fight, people go from being at a distance to – suddenly they gotta be up on each other. So we become very relaxed in that area – we work from the inside out.

— Moy Tung

Our technique is the old school, old-fashioned, so-called traditional technique. You might substitute the word ‘traditional’, though, for the word ‘technology’. Don’t sit back and think that because something’s traditional it’s … antiquated, archaic, no good, dogma, dead – Ving Tsun is not a dead science.

We don’t use dead energy … we study it, of course – but we transfer it to a more living, breathing kung fu. Our energy is very alive – the nature of the human is animated. … It’s a different energy under development – the energy on how to hit something moving. That’s the nature of Ving Tsun training – the forms, the forms, all the exercises, technique conditioning, the principles we use, studying all this stuff – zones, distance, footwork, combos – everything. But really studying Chi Sao – that ancient technology.

You might call Chi Sao traditional. It’s a tradition that’s been passed on from generation to generation in China, and finally passed on from generation to generation in the Western world. Especially in America – we were lucky enough to have Grandmaster Moy Yat. And, believe me – Chi Sao is this amazing science – this incredible technology that has a very important purpose.

— Moy Tung

Watch the video to hear Grandmaster Moy Tung’s discussion of that purpose, as well as many other details about fighting, including “Ving Tsun’s number one technique.”

At the end of the video, Moy Tung says:

The nature of Ving Tsun Kung Fu is not to be a bully – at all. … So of course we would never fight someone we know we can beat – that’s being a bully. In Ving Tsun Kung Fu that’s very bad luck. In standard life, that’s bad karma. If you know you can beat the person, it is really evil to beat them up.

— Moy Tung
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