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The name ‘Moy Tung’ was given to an American Ving Tsun Kung Fu master in the USA, but the name traveled here first from modern Hong Kong and ancient Southern China by way of Grandmaster Moy Yat. Recently, the SSA disciple heard himself being addressed with this name by his kung fu uncles, brothers and nephews in Hong Kong.

formal photo - Grandmaster Yip Man with disciple Moy Yat

formal photo – Grandmaster Yip Man with disciple Moy Yat

Grandmaster Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge received his kung fu name and chops from his sifu, Moy Yat. The late grandmaster told Moy Tung the meaning of the name is ‘Man from the East’, because he approached Ving Tsun Kung Fu training and life with the right kind of respect for and dedication to the martial arts – as one from the East, Moy Yat’s own culture. Moy Tung spent a great deal of time with his sifu, Moy Yat, from when he met in him in 1980 until the grandmaster’s passing in 2001, and had even traveled to England with him (A Legend of Kung Fu Masters, p.9).

In April 2017, completing a circle, the man from the East returned to the East for the first time. Moy Tung traveled to Hong Kong with 4 sifus in 3 generations under him, who have spent a great deal of time in kung fu training and life with him: (Aaron Vyvial (Moy Sup Tung), Owen Matson (Moy Lung Yat Tung), Nic Bartell (Moy Wu Tung Shan) and DC Mark (Moy Mak Po Tung). The purpose of the trip was to pay respect to his sifu, Moy Yat, his sigung Yip Man, and to his extended kung fu family in Hong Kong. At Moy Tung’s direction, during the trip these four sifus received chops made in Hong Kong signifying their kung fu names. A future article will discuss the purpose, meaning and signficance of kung fu names in the ancient and modern worlds.

formal photo - Grandmaster Moy Yat with SSA disciple Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge

formal photo – Grandmaster Moy Yat with SSA disciple Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge

These five American kung fu masters, four generations of Moy Yat kung fu family, visited the grave of Grandmaster Yip Man and performed traditional ceremonial offerings. They also visited the Ving Tsun Athletic Association school started by students of Yip Man, and the schools of Yip Chun and Yip Ching, Yip Man’s sons. In addition to meeting Yip Chun and Lee Wai Chi (sifus under Yip Man), they also met senior sifus under Moy Yat – Micky Chan (Moy Shuen), Sam Lau and Wing Cheng – and many others, including the Moy Yat grandstudent, and Ving Tsun training/fighting equipment maker/merchant and artist, Sifu Buick Yip.

Forms and hands were played many times during the week of the trip in a respectful exchange of kung fu, as can be seen in the videos below. Reflecting on the trip, Moy Tung commented that he repeatedly overheard the phrase ‘Moy Yat todai’, as Hong Kong Kung Fu family observed the Ving Tsun of the Americans. From their perspective, these were all Moy Yat’s students – a testimony to the caliber of the kung fu they were seeing. The authenticity of the Ving Tsun taught by Moy Yat has been validated many times over even by the practice and self-defense of Moy Tung’s great-great-grandstudents, but this trip was further validation.

Kung Fu family bonds were confirmed and strengthened by this trip besides through the days and hours of training. There were many meals at restaurants with kung fu family and others, visits to shopping districts and Hong Kong landmarks, and experiences of Chinese kung fu and culture.

At Yip Man’s grave (L-R) DC Mark, Owen Matson, Moy Tung, Aaron Vyvial, Nic Bartell

It’s impossible to convey in words the significance and importance of this trip half-way around the world to the origin of Ving Tsun Kung Fu in the modern world. It’s said that pictures are worth 1000 words – video maybe 10,000. The pics and video below speak volumes, as do the comments by Moy Tung. The whole Moy Tung Kung Fu family has been made richer by those who made the adventure; thank you.

Check the Facebook pages of the schools in Austin, Detroit, Houston and DC schools for even more pics and video.

[First night in Hong Kong]

[First night in Hong Kong]

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