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For Moy Tung-lineage students: New shipment of Jongs and Kwans arrives by the end of August. Supplies limited, order now! Also, private lessons and special workshops with Moy Tung, with or without Jong or Kwan purchase. Package deals available.

Jongs and Kwans are unique Ving Tsun training tools. Those from the Richmond Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy are currently only available to active Moy Tung lineage students, making them even more unique. In the next shipment (arrives end of Aug), only 3 Jongs and 3 Kwans are left. If you are interested in these, or in a future order, call or text Erik today! (If you’re on the email list for Moy Tung inner circle members/candidates, check your email/spam for a message from info@kungfurichmond.com with Erik’s contact info, as well as some additional Moy Tung Jong pics only for those on the list).

Jongs and Kwans may be purchased individually, or as part of a package including one or more private or small group lessons with Grandmaster Moy Tung (recommended). If you already have a Jong or Kwans, lessons/workshops may be arranged without purchase of new ones.

It’s one thing to have Ving Tsun training tools, quite another to understand how to use them properly, master them, and perfect the system. It’s a maxim that there’s no wrong way to learn Ving Tsun Kung Fu. If someone has learned basic principles such as centerline, relaxation and the horse stances, as taught in the Moy Tung lineage, training with the Jong or Kwan can be highly productive.

However, serious Ving Tsun students and sifus know opportunities to receive instructions, principles, details, theory and training programs directly from Moy Tung or at his direction are invaluable. Sometimes there’s even the chance to play forms and practice exercises and fighting techniques in front of him or with him, and watch him demonstrate – along with the chance to video record the whole thing. Time and energy invested this way in Moy Tung Kung Fu training and life accelerates progress through the Ving Tsun system on a path to mastery and perfection.

In the same way that the truest sifu-todai relationships follow but aren’t dependent on a system, are rock-solid and can easily last a lifetime, these Jongs, Kwans, private lessons and special small group workshops will serve you well for your entire lifetime of training. If you are yourself a sifu, this training equipment and teaching – and the legacy of your relationship with Moy Tung in the hands of your great-great-grandstudents – will last for generations.


These Jongs and Kwans are the ones made by the Koo Sang clan in Foshan, China, that Moy Tung has procured previously for members of the Moy Tung clan. Koo Sang was one of Yip Man’s top disciples, and he created Jongs according to Yip Man’s specifications. He was considered the premier Jong craftsman in Hong Kong in his day, and the Jongs he created are still prized by top-level Ving Tsun practitioners everywhere.

Koo Sang passed his Jong-making art and skill to his apprentices, and they carry on his legacy of fine craftsmanship, care and attention to detail today. They are his intellectual heirs and Ving Tsun Kung Fu family. The Jongs they make are of the same high quality as Koo Sang’s, and are made from select, quality hard woods.


The Kwans in this order are not ordinary Kwans. The wood is dense, heavy and strong; each pole is about 9 feet long (108”) and weighs 5-6 lbs. The weight will give your whole body a powerful workout, and these Kwans won’t break when striking/struck during Biu Kwan and Chi Kwan.

Some of you were lucky enough to be able to check out and even practice with one of Moy Tung’s two personal Kwans in Richmond that are of the same type in this August shipment. The Kwans will make your horse and punch that much stronger, and when using a fighting weight pole/spear, you will be able to manipulate it like a toy.

Moy Tung Private Lessons and Special Workshops

Like the Ving Tsun training equipment offered above, private lessons and special workshops from Grandmaster Moy Tung on the Jong or Kwan forms, techniques, details, training methods and more are available exclusively to active Moy Tung-lineage kung fu students, that have completed the necessary foundational training in the Moy Yat Ving Tsun system.

Kung Fu Private Lessons & Special Workshops in Richmond, VA

Travelling to Richmond, VA at least few times a year is part of an optimal training program for Moy Tung-lineage sifus and inner circle members. RVA is the Moy Tung Kung Fu Association headquarters and the city where Moy Tung currently lives. The Richmond Academy has been open for three decades – there are many MY3 and MY4 sifus and sihings around to work with at Moy Tung’s direction.

Lessons and Workshops in your City

In addition to his teaching schedule in Richmond, Moy Tung maintains an annual schedule of regular and special workshops at active branches in his kung fu lineage. At times he may be at a branch school location for a week or two, and he be available to teach private lessons or small group workshops on the Jong or Kwan during this time, with suitable arrangements.

Lessons and Workshops by Video Conference

Many video conferencing technologies exist these days, even as apps on smart phones. With a phone screen or larger, you can see Moy Tung demonstrate Jong, Kwan and other techniques and training methods, and he can see your form and offer details and corrections.

Customized Ving Tsun Training Programs

At your request, Moy Tung will create a Jong and/or Kwan training program customized for you that will keep you busy for an hour or more per training/teaching session, as well as the entire time you’re visiting him or he’s in your town, and for the rest of your training career. Private lessons can customized to your interests and you can ask questions, but the Ving Tsun saying, ‘Don’t expect’ is well-applied to Moy Tung private lessons and workshops. It’s also said, ‘The best kind of kung fu is the kind we don’t even know we’re learning’. Moy Tung students who train hard without asking questions tend to like the results they get from Ving Tsun.

Lesson Preparation and Follow-Up

Moy Tung sifus and inner circle members know that Moy Tung is able to create hours of productive training for Ving Tsun students with a few sentences, which can be delivered in a phone call or text. Prior to any physical in-person lessons, you can get your training program started by communicating with Moy Tung about your current Jong, Kwan or other Ving Tsun training program, and your goals for Kung Fu.

After your private lesson/workshop, you can follow up with Moy Tung on your progress anytime by text, phone or video call. Subsequent times that you see him, there can be formal or informal review, as well as new information. You can be sure he will notice how you’ve been applying the lessons and what you’ve learned. Disciplined application of Moy Tung instruction to Ving Tsun training is highly productive. Going through this process will deepen and strengthen your relationship with Moy Tung, which in turn develops clearer understanding of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

For details on pricing, scheduling, logistics, etc., contact Erik – check your email for info@kungfurichmond.com

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