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You don’t have to be a jock or an athlete to be effective fighting in the street. You need training and knowledge about what works in the real world. You don’t need to get in the ring or tournaments to know you can fight. Most great martial artists had and have nothing to do with tournaments, but are effective in real fighting.

What does it take to become an effective fighter? To protect yourself in real life situations, where you might be bullied or even attacked by unreasonable people? The only thing you can do then and there is deal with it; protect yourself.

Are you going to kick them in the head or wrestle them on the ground? What if you’re being rushed by a bunch of guys? Real people attacking you is a different game from tournaments. It is completely unreasonable. You need training in your body that will enable you to deter, counter, neutralize and destroy, as necessary. Then call 911.

Don’t worry about who or what is better on TV. You need to know what’s necessary to protect you, in real fights. How to stay on your feet, with hands that can block and hit at the same time. How to attack and destroy without being touched.


  • Message from Grandmaster Moy Tung
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