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Richmond, VA West End Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu

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Master Barry O’Brien – Moy Lung

Sifu Barry O’Brien began training under his sifu, Grandmaster Moy Tung, in Richmond, VA at the age of fourteen. It was 1990, and even at that young age he realized the value of kung fu training, and trained hard, consistently. That same year, he joined the MY3, Moy Tung’s association for personal students, and increased his training up to 20 hours per week. Over the years, experiences in and out of the classroom proved the effectiveness of Moy Tung’s teaching, and of Ving Tsun Kung Fu training, for fighting and living. He continually applied himself to kung fu, and kung fu to his life, and, as a result, gained a lot of kung fu.

In 2000, with ten years of Ving Tsun training and proven experience, he joined his sigung Grandmaster Moy Yat‘s Grand Special Students Association (GSSA), becoming a direct disciple of Moy Yat the year before the passing of that now legendary Ving Tsun master. At this time he also received his kung fu name, Moy Lung. That year he also began teaching in his sifu’s school, the Richmond Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy, where he ran a successful program for eleven years. He continues to teach at the Richmond Main St Ving Tsun (wing chun) school during Moy Tung’s workshops, and in programs for his younger kung fu brothers and kung fu nephews that live in or visit Richmond, VA for training.

In 2011, Moy Lung founded the Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy in Richmond’s West End, Henrico County. Today, he teaches a regular schedule of practical, informative and challenging Ving Tsun (wing chun) classes and private lessons for beginning and advanced students. There are separate programs for adults and kids, with special training available for women. He is assisted by a team of instructors he has trained himself, and wing chun classes and private lessons are available morning, noon and night.

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Training at the West End Kung Fu Academy 

If you are in the west end of the Richmond metro area and looking for authentic Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu classes in martial arts, you are lucky to have Sifu Barry ‘Moy Lung’ O’Brien and his kung fu school nearby. You can learn everything you need for self-defense, fighting skill, health, fitness, confidence, discipline, and more successful living. Sifu Moy Leung will teach how you how to train Ving Tsun Kung Fu effectively, and how to effectively apply Ving Tsun principles to your life for greater fulfillment and success.

Master Moy Lung has been teaching Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu under Grandmaster Moy Tung since 2000 (kung fu classes in Richmond West End/Henrico since 2011), and in that time has helped thousands of people of all personality types and from all walks of life learn how to get the most from kung fu training. His students include law enforcement and military personnel, as well as white and blue collar professionals, students, mothers and homemakers.

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Moy Yat seated Moy Tung R Moy Leung Barry O'Brien L

From Sifu Moy Lung

The following is a statement by Sifu Barry ‘Moy Lung’ O’ Brien about the kung fu taught at his Henrico/Richmond West End Academy:

At our school, we follow the Chinese saying “Ving Tsun chuen jing tung” which translates to “Ving Tsun authentically passing down.” Unlike many other martial arts which have begun to mix different styles in order to compensate for their various weaknesses, Ving Tsun was specifically designed to overcome fighting experts of other styles without the need to borrow techniques from other systems.


This was the original Shaolin combat system. It was designed in the Temple utilizing advanced theories and training exercises with the aim of combating Manchu invaders. It is not designed for tournaments, sport, or entertainment. The Grandmasters spent decades developing this system and then lived or died by it in an age where fighting was done up close by hand.


We have maintained the traditional customs, philosophy and training exercises that have been passed down to us through the generations by our Grandmasters.  However, Kung Fu is about more than just self-defense. It also enriches the quality of its students’ lives.  Kung Fu promotes regular exercise and other aspects that lead to good health. Students can expect overall improved fitness, athleticism and discipline.


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