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No matter who you are, there are challenges to be met day to day. Although those challenges are different depending on who you are and what your environment is, the confidence of martial arts study coupled with the genuine ability to back up that confidence with real fighting skill is always valuable, no matter what your personal context.

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Martial arts training seems to be inextricably linked to ideas of wisdom. Many books have been written by martial artists both ancient and modern on the topic of what they have learned through their practice.

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Young Masters Program

Your child does not need to have any previous martial arts experience to excel in our program. Ving Tsun teaches us how to not use force against force and does not rely on size or strength, which makes it perfect for young martial artists.

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Teaching Richmond Martial Arts for over 20 years

The Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu family school has been providing top quality martial arts training in Richmond for over 23 years.  We offer self defense classes for students of all ages and abilities, and focus on the Ving Tsun system pronounced “Wing Chun” as taught by Moy Yat through the Yip Man lineage.


Ving Tsun forms hardwired good habits, information, and reflexes into the body through repetition. We believe that learning cannot be rushed, and teaching is done in a natural and relaxed manner. Through martial arts education, you will become more disciplined and more physically fit. Ving Tsun Kung Fu focuses on mastering your skills, improving yourself, and your confidence.

This system was first made popular by the late great Hong Kong movie-star Bruce Lee, and was recently featured  in the “Ip Man” movies and “The Grandmasters“.  Contact us and start you training, join this tradition of martial arts excellence by scheduling an introductory class and becoming a member of our school!